5 Must – Buy Perfumes for Women this March

//5 Must – Buy Perfumes for Women this March

March is women’s month, and women deserve to be appreciated. They deserve the best fragrances, among other things of course. At Al Haramain Perfumes, we have selected 5 fragrances that we believe every woman must have this month; these exclusive women’s perfumes show our appreciation for women, that would make perfect gifts for Women’s day and for Mother’s day.

raindancepink1. Rain Dance Pink

Express yourself

Rain Dance greets you with the sweet, hesperidic, succulent and juicy – honeyed Mandarin note. It is floral, musky and woody at heart – like a woman who knows how to express herself in many ways. It settles with woody and gourmand notes, a testament to the firmness and nourishment women provide to the world.



2. Karizma


Radiate your charm

Like a charming woman, who is able to strike up a conversation with anyone, of any background, and at any time, Karizma has got it all. It’s an intricate, stylish fragrance fused with distinct notes. It’s goes from fruity, floral and has an animalic, woody and gourmand base – because you never know whom you will meet, and when you will meet them.


haramain-larc3. L’Arc

So much to give…

For that woman who knows how to diffuse her ambition, like a dewdrop jewel that enlightens the heart, we have L’Arc. Be as radiant as the colours of the rainbow with this enigmatic fragrance from the house of Al Haramain. Again, fruits, fresh flowers and musky-wood characterize this unique fragrance for unique women. It’s a must-have perfume for any woman who has so much to give the world from her heart, with a unique sense of style.


4. Ajwaal-haramain-ajwa

Traditionally modern

A fragrance as beautiful as you are, the kind a woman should buy without thinking twice! It’s a strong mix of green, floral and citric fragrances, in a bottle that’s traditional, yet stylish at the same time. It’s a fresh, modern scent – a choice gift for a woman who knows how to be both traditional and modern all at once.


5. Oudh Mahabbah (Spray)

Warm, and tough

Last, but not least, a must-have perfume for women this March is Al Haramain Oudh Mahabbah (spray). It’s a warm, sweet, woody fragrance worth immersing yourself in. Oudh Mahabbah Eau De Toilette is for those occasions when you are the perfect host – in charge of your territory, yet warm and friendly to those around you.

So, those are our perfume shopping picks for women this month. Whether you’re looking for amazing perfumes for yourself, or a gift for a special woman in your life, take your picks from this list, available at all our stores around the world.