Ceylon agarwood (Sri Lankan)

/Ceylon agarwood (Sri Lankan)

Ceylon agarwood (Sri Lankan)

Types of Ceylon oud

The Ceylon oud is one of the high-value oud species, and it is also available in many competencies and varieties such as:

  • Super
  • Double Super
  • Treble Super

Ceylon agarwood incense

This incense is one of the finest types of incense, and it is characterized by a strong and pleasant smell that has a very high stability and lasts for a long time.

Ceylon incense is also dark brown to black in color and comes in black saturated fat fractions.

In addition, the Ceylon agarwood incense is classified as one of the most luxurious and rare species and the most popular by consumers; It is also worth noting that oud stores in Sri Lanka are becoming extremely rare, and sales are made by means directly from the farmers themselves.

Ceylon agarwood incense cost

When comparing the cost of Ceylon agarwood incense with the rest of the other types, we will find that the cost of Ceylon incense is exorbitant, due to its great efficiency and the difficulty of its money, and this is due to Sri Lanka’s discouragement of Oud extraction and trade operations, so the extraction and sale are done by secret means and with difficulty.

Description of Ceylon agarwood incense

The Ceylon agarwood incense comes in the form of heavy weight fractions saturated with a great density of agarwood oil.

Ceylon oud oil

Ceylon oud oil is extremely rare, and this is due to the strict provisions imposed on oud makers by the government, which banned the production of oud from forests; In addition, there are no permits for any establishment there that allows the production or export of agarwood and agarwood oil.

Medicinal uses of agarwood (in general)

Agarwood is used in many medical treatments, including:

East Asian medicine: It is prescribed in traditional medicine to enhance the flow of qi, relieve pain, stop vomiting by warming the stomach, and relieve asthma.

Chinese Medicine: High-efficiency wood powder is described in Chinese medicine, and it is also used in the production of pharmaceutical pigments.

Rheumatism treatment: Its oil is used in a boiled cooking to treat rheumatism and other body pains.

Treatment of smallpox and abdominal pain: its use as a complex ointment for smallpox and for various abdominal complaints has been noted.

Treatment of nervous system disorders: When used in aromatherapy, it can promote the elimination of anxiety, stress and depression.

Treatment of lung and stomach tumors: its oil is used to get rid of lung and stomach tumors.


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