Air Freshener

//Air Freshener
  • The beautiful valleys, the open sky, the singing of the birds and a fragrant flower garden all add up to make a breathtaking ambience. It’s a collection of sights, sounds and smells that will definitely make the buds of your hearts blossom. Just like the convergence of elements that result in the pleasurable aroma of Al Haramain Collection. Keep your house and office fragrant at all times, and when you drive your car in the embrace of this lovely scent, you will have found your destination already.
  • Emphasizing its belief that the creation of a fragrance is an exciting journey to exotic new destinations, Al Haramain has captured the essence of pure Dehnal Oudh like it has never been found in an air freshener before. The shimmering droplets of gently assertive Dehnal Oudh sprinkled into the air will fill your heart with warmth and bless your home with the aura of love and happiness!
  • Experience mixed with emotions overcome you as the emphatic fragrance of Al Haramain’s Mukhallath fills the air. Feel a gentle nudge from the playful breeze, a meaningful wink from the mischievous fireflies and the incessant teasing of frenzied ocean waves all combining to create a sense of peace and harmony with your surroundings!
  • Moon has a glow and stars are bright. The night has a different charm to delight. Feel the feelings deep inside as Night Dreams Air Freshener will bring you the lovely sight. Embrace it as this magical fragrance will bloom your house.
  • Ignite the light in your home, light of hope, light of happiness. Light to remove darkness to bring eternal peace. Noora Air Freshener from Al Haramain will illuminate to discard the darkest shadow and triumph your heart with the fragrance of joy.
  • Let the delightfully pure fragrance of Al Haramain's Sedra encompass your home and surroundings. The gripping fragrance of flower and spice will liken your home to a paradise of sorts where every moment is beautiful and every breath of air is drenched in the aroma of goodness and purity. Now that's something that every home deserves!
  • Step into and feel the pride, feel the aroma that smells so high. This Sultan Air Freshener will ingrain in the ambience to make your home royal and your guest feel serene. Aroma embedded with musk and amber will calm your senses and rejuvenate your life.
  • The unique fragrances of different seasons are a gift to mankind. The playful and refreshing aromas of summer, exotic and sensual fragrances of monsoon and the soothing, heartwarming tinge of fragrance in the winter are a blessing, but these are scents that you’ve seldom been able to relish at your convenience. That’s the inspiration behind Al Haramain’s ‘Wardh Taifi’. An air freshener that captures the essence of each season, so you can enjoy it round the year, wherever you may be. Exquisite fragrances are no more limited to the outdoors!