Oud Ma'al Attar

//Oud Ma'al Attar
  • Home is where the heart is! A place you love and where you are most comfortable. Even when you are away, you yearn to be back at your home. It’s a place where you have fond memories. Al Haramain’s “Bait Al Arab” has that similar heady aroma, the kind that you will love and yearn for. A fitting tribute to your home sweet home.
  • The opulence fragrance of oudh takes to the wonderland of nostalgia, where memories will be at your site and bliss in your mind. Where smile will be a dewdrop on flower and it will rejuvenate your senses forever.
  • The aroma that makes an impression on one’s mind; lingers for long and tells the tale of love. The fragrance of Oudh Hindi Maal Attar bounces back again the legendry love and the monument of Taj Mahal. It consist elite Oudh from tropical Indian forest to embrace the true love as it never end.
  • Centuries have passed since the first fumes of fragrance wafted in the air, and for almost half a century Al Haramain has kept the fragrant flame burning. Oudh Ma’al Attar is one such offering that keeps you going all day long by rejuvenating your mind, body and soul!
  • This is a flagship product of Al Haramain continue prominent since ages and it remains the same with stringent quality check to keep the ancient and sweet fragrance of Arabian culture live on earth. It offerings are immeasurable that clam you with a whiff to rejuvenates your mind and soul. This traveler set comes with complete pack including burner, charcoal and lighter for you to get-set and hit the road.
  • Visualize….realize! To realize the dream of power and comfort, just closing your eyes is barely enough. Being aware of your ability, backing it to the core and putting your best foot forward is what will get you there. A promising life full of success is yours to achieve, but in the name of a driving force, you can count on the inspiring aroma of Oudh ‘Ma’jun Maliki’. Let this magnificent bukhoor turn your surroundings into a palace as you visualize your royal dream and move closer to it with every whiff!
  • Closing your eyes just won’t get you peace. Peace is an inner happiness; and happiness is being home again. In warmth of your dwelling, where memories lingers with the fragrance and smile with its glimpse. Oudh Sheikha’s sweet fragrance will embrace your thought and attain a true peace of being home.
  • Breathe in the fragrance of love, breathe in the memories you care.  Memories of joy, memories you adore. Home is a treasure of such memories where you can relax and smile. Oudh Super will fill your ambience with such anecdotes to make your future bright.
  • The time has come for you to finally live your dreams. You realize that your destiny has emerged from the haze and made itself clear to you. Today you’ve found your ocean of desires, and you’re going to flow along with the waves. The dream-come-true fragrance of Oudh Al Haramain will take every deserving dreamer to the doors of their wonderland!
  • Some fragrances are designed to empower. Oudh Ma'al Attar Maliki is one such fragrance that is spellbinding to others around you, even as it gives you enormous confidence to go through the day with unbridled vitality and still set hearts aflutter at the end of the day! A vibrant long-lasting perfume that won't ever let you down!
    Fragrance Notes: Top note: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium Middle note: Floral, Fruity Base note: Patchouli, Vetiver, Musk, Sweet