Body Lotion

//Body Lotion
  • Al Buraq is a body lotion so smooth and fragrant that it will leave a lasting impression on you for days together. Showering soft tenderness on the skin, its aroma will have you smiling from within and you will long to wake up and indulge in it every day. If this is what it’s going to do to you, imagine how mesmerized it will have the others around you!
  • The mystical fragrance of Dehnal Oudh in a body lotion is the perfect way to start a busy day or prepare for an exciting evening. Your colleagues and friends will be besotted by your enhanced charisma and you will see them nod their approval at everything you utter!
  • The Incredible body lotion with an exquisite scent, it’s a bumper price for your skin as an antioxidant booster as well as a great aromatic pleasure. This moisturizes and hydrates your skin for smoother and softer skins along with it emit the great delicate fragrance to empress with confidence and look fresh.
  • “Mixed emotions” would be an apt definition for this body lotion from Al Haramain. With a heady fragrance, a soft texture and silky smooth consistency Mukhallath is literally a bouquet in a bottle. Capable of shifting the mood as the clock ticks away, this sublime fragrance can be a cheerful companion throughout the day and fiercely sensual when the night sets in.