Obsessive Oudh

///Obsessive Oudh

Obsessive Oudh

Infatuation redefined!

‘Obsessive Oudh’ is a fresh & rich scent that’s hard to beat. For a perfume that stirs up an exciting aroma of passion & emotion, it adamantly gives one an air of supremacy. Warm, seductive & mysterious, there is something extraordinary about this perfume, the spicy whiff of which is very soothing, and gets along famously with the brawny woody base. Oudh was always a classic base for the best perfumes, but ‘Obsessive Oudh’ lends it the flamboyance that will capture the imagination of admirers around you!


Fragrance Notes:

Top note: Musk, Amber
Middle note: Amber, Agar wood
Base note: Agar wood

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