Royal Rose

Royal Rose

Passion & emotion.

Celebrated as a flower of love for centuries, pink roses signify love that’s hopeful and expectant, white roses stand for love that has been lost & red roses for love that has emerged triumphant. And ‘Royal Rose’ from Al Haramain? It’s the rose of assurance; an assurance of love being won and celebrated, of love that lives forever, of love rising from the heart and engulfing the body and soul. Just like a single person can be your world, this single rose could be your garden! While we know that the fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose, this time you’ll find it hard to be generous. ‘Royal Rose’ is to be treasured, not given away!


Fragrance Notes:

Top note: Geranium, Violet leaves, Mimosa
Middle note: Iris powder, Galbanum, Freesia
Base note: White musk, Heliotrope


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