The Psychology of Celebrity Perfumes and Consumers

//The Psychology of Celebrity Perfumes and Consumers

Relatively lower risk vs. rewards

Celebrities have had, and continue to endorse, a wide variety goods and services from fashion, consumer electronics, hotels and restaurants, financial services, lifestyles, and airlines among many others. Almost any product or service category that is targeted towards consumers has had some kind of brand support from a celebrity. However, we do not see as many celebrities developing their own travel products, retirement savings plans, consumer electronics, hotels & restaurants, or their own automobile brands. This could be due to the higher risk-reward payoff for fashion items that makes them more attractive ventures as compared to other classes of goods. From the perspective of the consumer, scent is also an affordable unit of the celebrity. It is easier and more cost effective for most people to buy a make-up kit, dress, suit or fragrance associated with a celebrity, than it is to buy the same car used by a celebrity. In that regard, the cost is less from both the celebrity’s investment perspective as well as from the consumer adoption perspective.

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A More Visible Association with the Celebrity

People generally aspire to be like more successful, well-known individuals, and to be associated with them in the most visible ways. Many teenage soccer fans have changed their hairstyles whenever David Beckham changed his, in order to be immediately identified with the celebrity footballer.

Fashion items are the most visible to be identified by, and are among the first to be noticed upon meeting someone. In that regard, a fragrance with a celebrity’s name behind it through branding or endorsement, is a better way for most to identify with a celebrity, than the electronics used in the home, financial services subscribed to or even the gadgets they use.

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