Scents of Style

//Scents of Style

In a world where fashion has pervaded virtually every facet of life from the clothes we wear and the cars we drive to the smartphones we use, it has never been more essential to be carefully specific and deliberate about the manifold elements of self-expression that we choose to adopt. We live in an era where the personal products we use are as important for their functional benefits as they are for the sense of style that they express, and for the distinguishing impressions of us that they make to others. In an age where your sense of style can make or break you, it is imperative that, in styling yourself, you also adopt the best fragrances that express who you are, the ‘scents of style.’

Perfume: Your invisible clothing
One of the things we can ignore at our own peril is the fact that wherever we are, we are continually expressing ourselves consciously or unconsciously and in line with that, how you smell is as defining, expressive and important as how you look. Your fragrance is as important as your attire and your accessories, because no matter how elegantly dressed you are; an un-complementing smell can effectively erase any appeal that your looks would have aroused. This is why our perfume experts at Al Haramain Perfumes literally go to the ends of the world to bring you the very best, the rarest, and most precious fragrances, and blend them into the most amazing chic and prestige perfumes, oriental and occidental perfumes, and the best oud in the world. Al Haramain Perfumes strives to provide you with a wide and growing range of exquisite, alluring and sensational perfumes for your indulgence, to meet your distinguished tastes and enable you, our customer, to not only be elegant, sophisticated or glamorous to behold, but more so, enchanting and inspiring to be around.

Why you ‘wear’ perfume
Perfume is a lot like the clothes in your wardrobe. There are perfumes for different occasions, perfumes for men and for women, and there perfumes for different personalities. That is why you wear perfume.
Perfume is the invisible clothing that you put on, and lack of it can be just as embarrassing as being uncovered.
Your fragrance, then, is as important a means of self expression and a definition of your style, as everything else that is visible about you.

Pick a scent that suits your style
Just as it is essential to wear the kind of fashion that matches your personality and is appropriate for the occasion, it is equally important to pick a fragrance that suits your style. This is where we come in as Al Haramain Perfumes. We give you a wide and ever growing range of oriental and occidental perfumes to suit your distinctive personality and express your sense of style. From the adventurous L’Aventure, the enchantingly romantic ‘Ode of Oudh’, to the escaping ‘Desert Rose’, we supply Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the UK and the USA through our network of perfume stores and the rest of the world through our network of distributors around the globe.

Browse through our catalogue of sprays, scented oils, oud and deodorants, and visit any of our stores and of our friendly staff will help you to make the choice that best defines you.