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Al Haramain Oudh different from regular agarwood. At every step, we go to great lengths to make sure our Oudh meets the highest standard of quality.

We invest in the future of Oudh

The future of oudh is entwined with the future of the indigenous tribesmen that collect the oud and the craftsmen who refine it. We work to give a fair price to local collectors and employ over 100 indigenous craftsmen at our perfumery to make sure that everyone can benefit from the Oud industry.

We go where the best oudh is

Whether it is from the heart of the jungles in Cambodia or from personal collections of merchants & connoiseurs we never stop searching for oudh.

The cream of the crop

We only pick the agarwood when they are at their peak. Dark, dense and perfect. After that, we sort them over and over based on size, color, and density. Our tolerance for defects? Pretty much zero. Some people might call that obsessive. We call it great oudh.

We test again and again and again

We burn hundreds of agarwood chips a day to verify the superior smell that all of us (including you) have come to expect. A batch of agarwood is tested at least three times before it’s approved, so every time you take a whiff of Al Haramain Oudh, it’s a scent you’ll love.