The Oudh Experience

//The Oudh Experience
The Oudh Experience2018-10-22T13:55:16+00:00


Light the charcoal and put a small piece of agaroudh on it.

The wood goes up in smoke very quickly.

The heat from the sides will slowly move up and give the slow burning effect on your Oudh.

Let your clothes and hair absorb it’s scent, and retain it, for hours.

Tip 1: Slightly dampen agarwood cips to make the burn slower

Tip 2: Use the coal ashes as a bed for your Agar Oudh splinters for a cleaner scent.

The Oil


Swipe a healthy serving of your Oud oil on your wrist, palm or top of your hand.


Rub the oil gently with the index finger, leaving a sheen of oil on your wrist

Begin to put some of  the Oud which is on your finger between the neck and ear area.

For a more potent broadcasting effect, run your Oud scented palms on your clothes.