5 Surprising Facts About Perfume

//5 Surprising Facts About Perfume

4. You can maximize the smell of your perfume with little effort

Many people think that dousing yourself in perfume is the key to enhance your fragrance in your environment. There is, however, a more effective way. The application of perfume on body pulse points and pressure points will radiate heat, which in turn will make the fragrance radiate better. Such areas on the body include the inner wrists, behind your ear, inner elbow, neck, and for women, even knee-pits are excellent places to apply perfume. It is for this reason that users of top perfume oils will swear by this method.


5. Stop rubbing your wrists

We have seen it on TV, the rubbing of wrists after applying perfume, prompting us to believe that if you see it on the silver screen then it must be OK, right? Well it turns out that is not the case. Basically, perfumes and other products are composed of a combination of different fragrance notes namely, top, middle and base notes. Top notes are usually the most volatile fragrance notes and typically fade quickly, while the base notes last much longer. By rubbing your wrists, and causing all that heat friction, this will invariably distort chemical structure of the scent.








There is a whole lot more that goes into making the best perfumes for men and for women and at all times we want you to have the upper hand. Now that you are armed with this information, our online store with the best in perfume oils, sprays, dehnal oud and bukhoor, backed by top customer care service is only a click away, go on, indulge yourself.

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