5 Surprising Facts About Perfume

//5 Surprising Facts About Perfume

5 Surprising Facts About Perfumes

At Al Haramain, we understand that making the best perfume goes beyond a making great smelling fragrance. There is much more to it than what meets the senses. The use of perfumes in our daily lives has become as essential and natural as wearing clothes on a daily basis. But fragrance is a multi-faceted and very rich area, which is why we decided to share some surprising facts about perfume, to help you make the most out of your favourite perfumes. Before you pamper yourself in the wonderful scents that Al Haramain Perfumes has at your disposal we have listed some tantalizing facts about perfumes to make your next fragrant outing more glamorous

1. Leather watch straps hold the fragrance for a much longer period than metal straps

One of the industry’s hidden gems is that, leather wrist watch brands hold fragrance for a much longer time period, giving your perfume a longer lasting effect. This is because leather is an organic product that is porous, unlike metal that is solid. The fragrance industry has also seen a rise in leather based fragrances, which Al Haramain also makes for its discerning customers worldwide. For this reason, several watch / perfume gift sets usually place a heavy emphasis on leather watches and leather belts as the effect is greater for perfume oils.


Leather strapped watches help to keep your fragrance longer. Image Credit: Pexels.com

2. Moisturized skin holds fragrance for a longer period

It’s always best to apply your perfume just after taking a bath or shower. This is because even the best perfume will diffuse much better on hydrated and moisturized skin. In addition, hydrated skin will hold the fragrance longer than dry skin, which typically will have a harder surface, thus giving the fragrance little room to be absorbed. For this reason, many perfume sets especially for women have a moisturizing body lotion in addition to the perfume.


Image Credit: nextladies.com

3. Your chosen fragrance can and will alter your mood

Scientific research has shown external stimuli can alter our moods and this is true in the world of perfumes. For those that need uplifting in their step then and razor sharp senses the head for a citrus based perfume will do the trick. Feeling low and down on your luck, then a top oudh fragrance has been claimed to be a great confidence builder

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