History of Al Haramain

//History of Al Haramain

Al Haramain was established in the Holy Makkah, Saudi Arabia; catering to the Perfumery needs of the People all around the globe since 1970. Its creations after creations have adored the exotic, the romantic, the introvert
& the contemporary in many ways than one. Naturally, from a perfumery that indulges in psychology, the world can look forward to perfumes with a distinctive personality.

So it happened.

“In Islamic traditions, small pieces of Agarwood are burnt to keep the interiors of houses hygienic and aromatic”. A Source of inspiration is behind every success story. But smelling opportunities in these seemingly simple opportunities call for vision and strong business acumen. This is what the founders of Al Haramain Perfumes have proved.

A Smooth take-off

Initially, the focus was on oriental fragrance. Al Haramain Perfumes have been increasingly well received by a thirsty market for quality Agarwood based perfumes. What humbly started in Saudi Arabia proudly stood exceeding the expectations immediately after a few years of inception. The future was clear. Al Haramain became the household name of the Arabs all over the world. They’re waiting with open arms to rediscover their essence.

Al Haramain has become one of the largest manufacturing units of the Middle East (16215m2 = 174, 477 ft2) to maintain the pace of excellence in the field. A transition phase triggered by a new cosmopolitan outlook is also being followed in the new paradigm. This is clearly reflected on the present board of directors of the company to comprise of major world’s countries, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand, UK and the USA to the strength of Al Haramain. It calls for a continual analysis of the organizational structure to smoothen the rhythm of a phenomenal growth. New Products began to touch the sky. New Showrooms started to take their places in the
Middle East, Far East, Europe, the USA & subsequently, rather around the globe. To fulfill the demand and supply level, we decided UAE to be the base of our activities. So our Head office is located in Dubai
and our most modern Factory in Ajman-UAE.

A strong workforce with hands-on experience, under connoisseurs’ guidance, works in the manufacturing unit. A qualified team looks after the administration complimented with state-of-the-art office set-up, monitoring and controlling the worldwide operations. Al Haramain’s R&D facility is headed by leading phytochemists in the industry. At Al Haramain, we believe, to emphasize one’s presence in a competitive market; quality inside the organization is as significant as a quality of the products reaching the people’s choice.

Comprehending the complexity that the art of perfumery calls for connoisseurs; however, the success is in spotting the talents. Luckily, the managing director of Al Haramain Perfumes Mohd. Mahtabur Rahman (Nasir) has been associated in making of almost all the Al Haramain Perfumes, and over the years, proved to be a connoisseur of olfactory senses. Naturally, he picked up the qualified people and nurtured them into a team of specialists in oriental fragrances.

Mystery of the fragrance

Olfactory senses are divided into two notes (i.e. blending together of different ingredients). They are feminine and masculine notes. Al Haramain produces both. Our fragrances are classified by the oriental & the floral concepts. The oriental Fragrance concept and its variations are agarwood and Spicy.

* Oriental Fragrance

The oriental Fragrance concept can be attributed to the legendary fragrances of the Orient. Contrary to popular belief, Oriental perfumes are as popular in Europe and US as they are in the Orient, so Al Haramain became emperor of the perfume globe. Our oriental Agarwood perfumes represent the heavy fragrance directions, in the kind of perfumes freshness o citrus is contrasted with Agarwood foundation.

* Oriental Spicy

Our Oriental spicy perfumes catering to feminine an masculine notes which have high percentage of floral accords such as Pure Dehn Al Oudh, Taifi Rose, Bulgarian Ross Istanbuli Rose, Amber, Sandal, Musk Al Ghazal, indispensable floral fragrance materials and a lot of rarely found flowers, naturi herbs Plucked from the gardens all around the world.

As good as it gets

The concept of floral fragrance and its variations are Fresh Floral and Sweet Floral.

* Fresh Floral

Our version of the ‘Floral Fragrance’ includes all floral themes that incorporate spring-like, impressions based on hyacinth, lily of the valley and orange blossom. Also includes pure eau de parfum.

* Sweet Floral

Our ‘ Sweet Floral Perfumes’ are heavy, intensively fragrant creations .The task of purely perfumistic classification of the perfumes by fragrance concept could only be achieved with the experienced perfumers. At Al Haramain perfumes it has an enormous research effort lasting many years. For instance, the making of Dehnal Oudh Maliki Ateeq is one of the costliest perfumes took twenty years to produce.

Manufacturing Unit

It’s simply leading-edge technology supported with specialists who keep abreast of global trends and who adhere
to high-quality standards, which presented to the world.

For a place in every mind

The Marketing team of Al Haramain Perfumes has a professional background in marketing.Just having good products aren’t enough to establish the company name; the image of the company has to penetrate into the minds of the valuable customers. Success is in achieving this. Thanks to the sensibly focused advertising and marketing strategies. Our marketing team has been doing a professional job. The rest is out there, the world over as Al Haramain showrooms. Equally significant is the attention given to packaging. The credentials stands in the Al Haramain showrooms as showpieces are a treat to the eyes. All that’s said so far has been just means to hint our estimated target to keep the excellence of quality of our products and our unique identity of lasting fragrances in the mind of every customer and in the sight of the global market.



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