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PLUS – The Loyalty Club

The PLUS Loyalty program is available exclusively for our loyal patrons in retail business. You can be a PLUS member upon a minimum purchase at any of our Retail Stores in the UAE (and other countries within the GCC Region where PLUS has been launched).  The program allots you 1 point for every 1 Dirham spent on Retail purchases (equivalent points can be earned in other countries). These points can be redeemed to make purchases at Al Haramain stores.

PLUS basics

You can sign up for the Plus loyalty club membership at any of our stores in the UAE (or any other country GCC where our programme is available) by making a minimum purchase of UAE Dirham 300 (or equivalent amount in other countries in the GCC where the programme is available).

  • You will earn 1 Plus point for every 1 UAE Dirham you spend (or equivalent in other countries in the GCC where the programme is available).
  • You need to collect at least 1000 Plus points before they can be redeemed (different slab of points applicable for redemption in other countries in the GCC where PLUS is available).
  • To Earn points you NEED NOT carry the PLUS Card issued to you with a unique membership number as long as you remember your mobile number registered in the programme.
  • To Redeem points you need to carry the PLUS card for authentication in our retail store.

Other PLUS benefits

  • Gifts to high spenders, Invitations to special events, promotions & launches.
  • News and updates about our new products & new stores through various media.
  • Free perfume samples of new launches.
  • Periodic newsletters from PLUS.

For further information about PLUS

Please contact us anytime by email: pl**@al****************.com or contact any of our retail stores in the UAE, Oman and Bahrain